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11981Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2017-09-22 10:43
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Summary11981: Reset all user activity in token table

When I copy a survey for iteration and also export/import the token table via csv, I still have to manually reset all tokens.

Could there please be a button to re-initialise the token table: all people reset to not invited, not remninded and not answered?

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2016-12-23 09:29

partner   ~42596

I have found out that this is partly possible with the re-iterate button. But then people that have completed the survey will not be reset. What I am looking for is the following: a way of completely re-initializing the token table: all people at not invited, not started, not completed. The only option could be: keep token or renew token. Default is keep token.



2016-12-26 10:55

developer   ~42597

A tool for :

  • Set the token to submit=N/Uses left=1
  • Set the corresponding response to submit=N/lastpage=1
    At the same time.
    By token, or by tokens checked (+ filtered token when we have a solution)




2017-09-22 10:43

administrator   ~44444

You can now batch edit tokens.

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