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11962Feature requestsPluginspublic2016-11-30 13:44
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Summary11962: Add another step to installation for plugin activation
DescriptionOne of the steps during installation procedure could be to

* enable core plugins
* download and enable plugins from a white-list
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2016-11-29 15:26

developer   ~42255

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About "download and enable plugins from a white-list" : i think we need a way to have 'repo' system.

This repo system need to answer with :
- plugin list in this repo

For each of this plugins :
- Name
- description/purpose
- version

After we can do an 'autoupdater'

PS : this "plugin management' can be a plugin (and user can 'select it' after installing. Maybe with 'core repository' prefilled link

Worpress have only 'one repository available' : think it's bad :
Don't know for joomla
Spip can have different repo url (and multiple)



2016-11-29 15:31

administrator   ~42256

You want a public repo anyone can register plugins?


2016-11-29 15:55




2016-11-29 15:55

developer   ~42257

Send a picture to be more clear:
- A repo url return information : on all the plugin. Each plugin return information too (in xml here, but can be json or anything else).
- User can add 'anything' in repo, but we can prefill it (if not already set and activated) a 'limesurvey official plugin repository'


2016-11-30 11:25

developer   ~42282

PS : about download and enable plugins from a white-list : i think it's a different feature :)

yunohost use alternative solution : download via github :

Maybe : for starting :
- add an url to a zip file (?)
- LS try to dl this zip, extract in 'test plugin' directory (or a reserved directory ?)
- If it's seems to be a plugin (directoryName/directoryName.php and class name : directoryName) : move it to 'plugins' directory (or a reserved directory ?)
- If plugin have a 'plugin.json/plugin.xml/config.json....' file : add the informtion to an extra table with 'dowload url / update url/ version installed / .....'

I can start a plugin like that, and add it in plugins directory when it's ready and tested. After we can update it and add 'repository' system/search/install from repo etc ....


2016-11-30 12:35

administrator   ~42283

I was thinking about letting the system do git clone. Then you can easily do git pull when you want to update.


2016-11-30 12:36

administrator   ~42284

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You look for updates by looking for tags in the repo. So not different from ComfortUpdate.



2016-11-30 13:44

developer   ~42288

git clone is available without issue after

But : not all user have git :)

ComfortUpdate system : download diff, here , i think we can download all

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