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11870Feature requestsTheme editorpublic2016-11-10 19:00
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Summary11870: Add a specific class with the code to all answer-item
DescriptionLooking at this post :

I'm sure it can be great to have everywhere a ls-code-{QCODE} and ls-code-{ACODE}
Additional InformationUnsure for some code : we alredy have text-item/radio-item etc ... then don't need separation for sub question or answer
But : for dual code ?

Better to have
ls-code-{QXCODE} ls-code-{QYCODE}
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2016-11-05 10:47

developer   ~41722

@tpartner : i think it can help for JS : what it's your idea about X_Y code ?
 ls-code-{QXCODE}_{QYCODE} (same than EM but without the SQG}
ls-code-{QCODE} for each scale ?


2016-11-05 10:48

developer   ~41723

PS : no-answer have the class

Other :
.ls-code--oth- ?
But there are already other-item (else it's a minor bug)


2016-11-05 12:16

developer   ~41725

@DenisChenu, I would go with your first suggestion resembling the EM identifier, however, for CSS consistency, I would use all dashes instead of underscores:

I agree with no-answer and other, after all, those are the values of the inputs.


2016-11-05 13:31

developer   ~41727

Yes : value or input OR ending value of column (other / comment for example)

For dash VS underscore : EM use underscore .... then i vote for underscore.

It's (finally) for multiple : ls-code-{EMCODE} for subquestion

No better choice, 2 twos have Pros and Cond


2016-11-10 19:00

developer   ~41836

No time actually, and don't seems really needed : we already have some way to select specific part etc ....

Can be cool , but not major feature

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