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Summary11869: Importing a deactivated survey table does not import "Saved but not submitted" responses
DescriptionIn surveys where the ability to save responses via name and password for later is enabled, those responses are saved in the responses table as "partial responses" (Completed = N) and also separately in another view - "Saved but not submitted" (admin/saved).

When such a survey is deactivated, it is unclear what happens to the identifiers and passwords of those "saved but not submitted" responses. The "partial response" is, however, retained.

When that deactivated survey responses table is re-imported once the survey is re-activated, the "saved but not submitted" identifiers/passwords are NOT re-imported. This means that any partial response that was in-progress is now "orphaned" - it can never be completed by the survey participant, and users that received "save for later" e-mails will receive errors if they use their credentials in an attempt to finish.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a simple survey with "Participant may save and resume later" enabled

Activate the survey

Fill out this survey partially, using the "Resume Later" button to save for later.
Enter a username and password with which to resume later & save.

Deactivate the survey.

Re-activate the survey.

"Responses" -> "Responses & Statistics" -> "Import" -> "Import responses from a deactivated survey table"

Find the deactivated table & import it.

Attempt to use your saved login information to resume the survey -- discover that you can't
Browse to "Responses" -> "Partial (Saved) responses", see that there are none...
Browse to "Responses" -> "Browse Responses", see that your partial response is actually saved in this table still.
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