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11825Feature requestsConditionspublic2018-04-25 11:33
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Summary11825: Automatic "Question code" fill.
DescriptionHave the system auto-fill the question code if the user wants.
Additional InformationQuestion code: Your ID, or number or code for the question. This field is only for quick identification for a question in export or for evaluation.
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2016-11-14 16:47

developer   ~41913

question code can be shown in survey taking too.


2016-11-14 18:06

reporter   ~41933

Sorry, not following what you mean...
I understand it's also mandatory to fill it, correct?


2016-11-14 18:17

developer   ~41934

You said:
"This field is only for quick identification for a question in export or for evaluation."

and I just answered: "no, question code can be shown in survey taking too."

So users could want a specific format like: "A1" or "Q1" or "Q1_2" or "1_Q" etc.
By experience with the subquestions/answer options code auto-filled, it can leads to many problems. Let's take only one example: What should we do if a user delete a question in the middle of other questions?

So, this would raise a lot of issues, for no real improvement of the user experience.

Eventually, we could add an "autofill" mode, but then it should not be possible for user to edit it at all, and it should be managed entirely automatically. But it's quite a lot work, and clearly not a high priority compared to other improvements.


2016-11-14 18:56

reporter   ~41939

From other survey system I know, I just write the question and then the answer and that's it.

From what I understood the "ID" is mandatory, must I use it?
I just want to make a survey for the site users and let them fill it (not allowing them to delete questions). In future maybe add questions or something like that.

Maybe I didn't understand this option?


2016-11-15 11:46

developer   ~41955

Soon or later, we'll do a simple interface for non-advanced user. It will be the perfect time to implement your idea.


2016-11-15 12:38

developer   ~41957

QUestion code are an important thing.

For example :
1. : better to use NAME if you ask name
2. : AGE>18 seems a better condition than G12Q22>18
2. : When use VV export/VV import : you can transfert information from one survey to another one.

Currently : i rearely use "automatic code generator" for sub question and answers.

I don't have any opinion about this feature except : more code in core , more code to update/fix/API broker etc ....

think i can do it in plugin, with JS.
If controller is admin, action question, subaction insert: search for
Then set the code to the empty title withg register scrpt


2016-11-22 18:07

reporter   ~42156

I remember in the past that I ran into this video if I remember correctly.
It had a nice UI that was easy to move and manage things.

I also know this one that has nice options for the user to answer with:

1. yea and if there are a number of names then "NAME1,2,3..."?

"Currently : I rearely use "automatic code generator" for sub question and answers."
So from that, I understand that there is an automatic code generator, but only for sub-questions and answers (Not for main questions and answers)?


2016-11-22 18:16

developer   ~42157

Last edited: 2016-11-22 18:25

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interesting for the branch logic.
We need to redesign the condition designer...



2016-11-22 18:24

developer   ~42158

It's only a personal point of view, but I really hate the design, very outdated, based on jquery UI, too many animations, ugly animations, gradients everywhere, and a slab serif font.. bwaaa... looks like 2010...

I still like the idea of icons in front of the inputs.


2016-11-22 18:37

reporter   ~42159

"too many animations"
It depends what the admin needs\want.
They show all options there.

To me as a user and an admin is simplicity and ease of use no matter the skin color or animation.


2016-11-22 19:26

developer   ~42160 is awfull for time to do something with my firefox 50 ...
Take more than 2 seconds to update something.

Clearly : i never get a pizza here.

For the icon : can be done in template , for example adding some add-fa-iconname in each subquestion.

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