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11824Feature requestsConditionspublic2016-10-23 14:19
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Summary11824: Resubmitting a survey
DescriptionAllow users to resubmit (change his vote) again and again, every X days (after 1 month from last voting submission) or only once (not for a question like users birth-date).
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2016-10-23 10:47

developer   ~41526

Allow multiple responses or update responses with one token?: Default: No . If you activate this setting the participants may return to his survey by clicking the invitation link, even if he already submitted the survey. If survey is anonymous or Enable token-based response persistence is set to NO, this adds a new responses. If survey is not anonymous and Enable token-based response persistence is Yes, user update existing responses.</quote>


2016-10-23 14:19

reporter   ~41529

Thank you DenisChenu.
So the only thing that is missing is the recurring time delay till next update?

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