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Summary11810: Bulk Create Users in LimeSurvey
DescriptionHi, As per the request/suggestion on the forums, Would it be possible to create a tool that would allow the creation/import (eg.via csv) of users? I am having to create accounts for 100+ students and would ideally like to be able to import thesea accounts.
Additional InformationCurrently using 2.50+
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2016-11-09 10:28

reporter   ~41810

Following on from my recent query about this in 107562-bulk-upload-new-users, a CSV format such as


would let the site maintainer bulk-create users *and* permissions, eg

jdoe,,J Doe,C,V,U,D,I,E,C,,Y

(using the initial letters of the current permission settings). Just a thought.

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