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11773Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2016-10-14 14:08
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Summary11773: Remove / Reduce space between two questions (when doing workarounds)
DescriptionThere are workarounds, where two questions should look like one question (e.g. question with one option "No answer" following a multi numeric question).

It would be nice to have a simple option to remove space between questions for such workarounds.
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2016-10-13 13:35

partner   ~41300

Is a template agnostic solution possible? Or is this a silly feature request?

Tony provided a workaround for LS 2.06 (default template)


2016-10-13 19:45

developer   ~41320

I already use , in Skeletonquet : nohead class


I have nohead, nobottom etc .....

Css class attaribute is done for this


2016-10-14 13:06

partner   ~41351

In comparison to LS 2.06 LS 2.5 is having a lot more space between questions. And between questions and other elements (e.g. bottom).

When discussing workarounds (like using 4 single questions instead of one multi numercial input question) I read statements like "But due the new responsive designs every question takes a lot of space and I think breaks a lot of the intended design."

Is that by convention? Or is that space needed to get mobile views right?

To define this feature request I wonder what would be the best approach.
Adding options to the group section? Or adding a special question-type which can be used to apply css/js predefined routines where the question is placed.

Having Group by Group/all in one/ question by question as view modes is preventing having one concept to design survey flow. I would prefer having a question list and then adding a page separator as a special question. That way you could place every page related option to that question.


2016-10-14 14:08

developer   ~41352

No, only a template issue, default template margin is big

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