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Summary11770: make it possible to have several different SMTP and bounce email settings for each admin user

The action right now is that when a new survey is created the default action is to send the email using the email of the admin that created the survey. This causes problems when there is more than one admin user. The email and bounce settings in global settings.

The SMTP connection will fail if the credentials do not exactly match to the one user who is set up in the SMTP settings. If a different admin wants to send a survey through email, either the global settings need to be changed for the second admin or the default settings in the survey creation need to be changed to the same email as in the global settings. It would be much simpler for each admin user to have their own settings for sending email.

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2016-10-11 00:08

developer   ~41220

We use SMTP setting for Return-Path only, the Response-To is set to the user.

In general : you have only one real SMTP user.
This can be done in plugin if needed.



2016-12-10 13:44

reporter   ~42509

Thank you DenisChenu. I'm not sure if I understood you correctly.
Would you mind explaining why there can't be more than one SMTP-server or why there can't be one standard SMTP-Server in the global settings but which can be overriden by settings of each survey? Such that there is the possibility to use different SMTP servers / different e-mail addresses when having more than one survey.
Thank you!



2016-12-10 13:58

developer   ~42510

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  1. different e-mail addresses when having more than one survey : you don't need a new system: just use "admin email" setting of the survey.
  2. there is the possibility to use different SMTP servers : only using a plugin : . You must reconstruc the mail sending yourself (or maybe App()->setConfig(...), must be tested). But : you need to do some PHP developpment for this plugin


2019-03-28 17:18

developer   ~51185

Unsure still work on 3.X, but plugin for 2.7X version :

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