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11756Feature requestsComfortUpdatepublic2017-09-22 11:10
Reportertammo Assigned ToLouisGac 
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Fixed in Version2.x.x 
Summary11756: Comfortupdate: cannot update, but files to resolve window is blank
DescriptionMy update halts because there are files that need to have other access rights, but the files to change window is empty.

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2016-10-07 10:21




2016-10-07 10:22




2016-10-07 10:35

developer   ~41171

SELinux ?


2016-10-07 10:59

partner   ~41172

Is that a feature request? I cannot see any OS info. Which OS is used?


2016-10-07 11:22

partner   ~41173

Bug report, but changing that is impossible for me.

Centos 6.8

Problem still there, even after changing everything to 777 (for testing)

Cannot investigate further now, have to leave. Will pick up Monday.


2016-10-07 11:24

developer   ~41174

Last edited: 2016-10-07 12:55

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centOS 6.8 has a very old version of PHP and MySQL if I'm not wrong.

Are you using SELinux on this centOS ?



2016-10-07 12:45

reporter   ~41175

Solved by changing the PHP from PHP 5.5.38 mod_php (running as user apache) to PHP 5.6.26 as mod_fcgid (running as the user).

The update succeeds (uses a key), but Limesurvey still reports there is a security update available.

We are using Directadmin to administer the server.
The fastgi/mod_fcgid mode is a convenient way to run PHP as the user, while having a persistent opcode cache (per user):


2016-10-07 12:57

partner   ~41176

@JanE: Did you had an empty directory list when the installer complained about permissions? A empty list is an indication that no real permission/owner issue exist, but the filesystem access is blocked by a security layer e.g. SELinux under CentOS. You didn't stated your OS.


2016-10-07 13:04

developer   ~41177

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@JanE: Yep, but quiet an old solution indeed.
Today, for that purpose, better to use nginx:

"When executing PHP scripts with FastCGI each request is passed from the web server to FastCGI via a communication socket. [...] However a similar end result can also be achieved using nginx in front of Apache [...] so this point alone doesn’t determine the ideal choice for a given scenario."

can I close the bug report?



2016-10-07 13:05

reporter   ~41178

@jelo: I am Tammo's business partner, so you can find the empty directory list in his screenshot. The update was blocked because PHP 5.5.38 was running as the 'apache' user which had only read permissions.


2016-10-07 13:13

reporter   ~41179

@LouisGac: Yes, you can close the bug report.

With respect to nginx: if a system ain't broken, don't fix it. Apache with PHP as mod_fcgid runs fine (also on Windows).


2016-10-07 13:21

developer   ~41180

Last edited: 2016-10-07 13:23

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Apache on Windows? I close this bug report before I start trolling ^^

Normally, if apache user doesn't have write permissions for some files, comfortUpdate should still tell it to you.

If it doesn't, it's probably related to that:



2016-10-07 13:23

reporter   ~41181

BTW: seems to be talking about mod_fastcgi which is something different than mod_fcgid. The Directadmin option 'fastcgi' is confusing, because it really uses mod_fcgid.


2016-10-07 13:30

reporter   ~41182

FYI: there is nothing wrong with Apache and PHP on Windows (anymore). The release manager of PHP 7.0 was a Microsoft employee...


2016-10-07 13:39

developer   ~41184

Last edited: 2016-10-07 13:47

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JanE: Windows alone without Apache is enough to be wrong :-p
(don't tease my inside troll ^^)

Did you check your safe-mode-gid parameter?



2016-10-07 13:52

reporter   ~41186

safe-mode-gid? Under which stone have you've been hiding the last couple of years?
Feeding the troll....


2016-10-07 13:58

developer   ~41187

ooops PHP 5.4 ^^

Just trying to understand why in your server configuration is_writable returns a wrong value (not taking in account the group permission )


2016-10-07 14:14

reporter   ~41188

What I happened to see when fixing was that some files had been created by the wrong PHP with the wrong user:group. tmp/comfort_updater_cookie.txt was apache:apache and could not be removed and/or written.


2016-10-07 14:16

developer   ~41190

ok, thank you for the feedback


2016-11-07 12:41

partner   ~41749

Please close. Issue is resolved, due to intense conversation between two developers. ;-)

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