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11704Bug reports[All Projects] Pluginspublic2016-10-20 15:16
ReporterYuriyBabenko Assigned Toollehar  
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Product Version2.52.x 
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Summary11704: No implementation of beforeSurveyBarRender event

The plugin events page ( lists the 'beforeSurveyBarRender' event. On my copy of 2.52, there are no references to this string anywhere in the codebase, and my plugin's implementation of this event does not get called.

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grep -ri "beforeSurveyBarRender" *;

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)20160922
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2016-09-23 08:51

developer   ~40925

Else : Thanks for the update of the manual :)

There are some event i didn't know and don't found a good way to use it :)

What doi you think of purpose of beforeSurveyBarRender ?

@olle : i assign this to you. It's not a plugin event inside another plugin ? Think it's when you work on "Menu"



2016-09-23 09:08


survey bar menu.png (22,502 bytes)
survey bar menu.png (22,502 bytes)


2016-09-23 09:11

reporter   ~40926

@DenisChenu - I've attached an image of what I believe to be the Survey Bar Menu. My original intent was looking for a way to add items to this menu. Ideally, I would like my plugin to have full control over the items in this menu (and other menus, but that's another topic).

The Survey Bar Menu's structure is built in the _surveybar() method in Survey_Common_Action.php. I believe the event should be triggered from that method. What I would like to see is that method creating a default set of menu links, and then passing that data to the event - thereby allowing plugins to change/add the menu links - and then expose the data to the surveybar_view.php file that would subsequently loop through the menu items and render them.

If this issue is still unresolved by tomorrow and there are no objections, I'll build out the above functionality and issue a Pull Request on GitHub.




2016-09-23 09:32

developer   ~40927

Last edited: 2016-09-23 09:32

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Hi YuriyBabenko : you'r totally right : we must have a way to extend all menu.

BUT : i don't think we need an event for each menu ;)
Think it's best to have on beforeMenu event with

  • object type + object if (for example survey + surveyId)
  • menu name/type
    And return
  • menuItem object

Actually : i think this 2 event :
must be removed and use exactly a new 'global event' to add items to an existing menu (and subitem too)

I'm unsure for this

We are always happy to have pull request and discussion to improve LS core :)



2016-09-23 09:36

reporter   ~40928

@DenisChenu - a single event for all menus is fine too, but only if the same data structure is expected for all menu types.

Currently, beforeAdminMenuRender() must set 'extraMenus' to an array of \ls\menu\Menu items, but beforeToolsMenuRender() must set 'menuItems' to an array of \ls\menu\MenuItem items. This disconnect would cause problems if we were to use a single event handler for all admin menus. I think some refactoring and standardization is needed here.



2016-09-23 09:44

developer   ~40929

" I think some refactoring and standardization is needed here. "



2016-09-23 10:20

administrator   ~40930

Hi Yuriy,

First of all: What's your use-case?

Second: Yes, beforeAdminMenuRender() and beforeToolsMenuRender() accept different objects, but that is because the first renders a new menu entry, the second just adds menu items to an existent menu entry. That's why beforeToolsMenuRender() accepts menuItem objects.



2016-09-23 11:53

developer   ~40933

Last edited: 2016-09-23 11:53

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@olle : question :

  1. Are we able today to add a menu in all menu wrapper ?
  2. Are we able today to add a menu-item in all menu ?
    (or near all menu, maybe some exception due to some refactorisation to do).

If no : do you think it can be done to update this 2 event to add "what menu wrapper (some menu-wrapper id) + object name + object id

for example :'menu'=>'participantbar','object'=>'participant','objectid'=>(isset($participantid)?$participantid:null,

Somethink like this ?

After we can remove all extra menu/bar events



2016-09-23 19:10

reporter   ~40934

@olle - My use case is adding a new link to the survey bar. This link will show a modal that will allow re-using existing questions/answers from previous surveys in the current survey. All that will be handled in the plugin and I've PoC'd it, but adding the link is where I got stuck yesterday.



2016-09-24 02:20

reporter   ~40935

I just created a PR with a basic implementation of the missing event:



2016-09-26 10:27

administrator   ~40952

That's nice, but as I said in the comment section on GitHub, I already implemented this feature in the cint branch some weeks ago. Could you please have a look at that and see if it fits all your requirements?



2016-09-27 05:25

reporter   ~40963

@olle - no, the code on the 'cint' branch does not work for our needs.

Two problems:

  1. The only data Survey_Common_Action.php shares with the event is the survey ID. By not having access to the main $aData array (and subsequently, `$aData['surveybar']), we cannot conditionally add new buttons based on the presence (or lack) of existing buttons. So we cannot write a plugin that will add a "reuse existing question" button whenever a "add new question" button exists.

We can sorta-kinda get around this by checking the URI of the current page and making assumptions, but that's an ugly solution.

  1. The rendering of $beforeSurveyBarRender is nested under the condition on line 72 (if(isset($surveybar['buttons']['view']))), which severely restricts when extra surveybar buttons can be output. For example, this code never gets called on the "List Questions" page of a survey.


2016-09-27 10:11

administrator   ~40969

Thanks for your feedback.

About 1, how about adding two additional inputs to the event: controller name and action name? You can then use that to decide when to add additional buttons.

  1. Will have a look at this.


2016-09-27 10:15

developer   ~40970

Last edited: 2016-09-27 10:15

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For "controller name and action name" : yes , must be. object and object id too ? ;)



2016-09-27 10:22

administrator   ~40971

Denis, id of which object?

Yuriy, about 2, what about moving the rendering to just before "right action buttons"?



2016-09-27 22:07

reporter   ~40988

@olle - Controller and Action names would be nice. I'm guessing @DenisChenu was referring to the model object (Survey, in this case) and its ID.

Also, there's a bug with the logic in surveybar_view.php:

There's a check for if ($menu->isDropDown()), and in the else condition, a call to $menu->getIconClass(). The Menu class does not have a getIconClass() method.



2016-09-27 22:11

reporter   ~40989

Also - moving the view logic to just before "right action buttons" gets around the problem of being nested under a false condition, but this results in the buttons being printed out in a new DIV, bumping them down to a new line. I can get around this with CSS (floating the two containers), but that's not ideal.



2016-10-20 15:16

administrator   ~41507

@Yuriy, are you working on this still?

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