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Summary11668: default file types which are allowed for upload

When making a file upload question there are several default file types which are allowed. doc is allowed but docx is not. Should be changed to allow file types of Microsoft Office 2010 and newer which uses docx etc.

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2016-09-23 02:55

developer   ~40923

This is on application/helpers/questionHelper.php:1315

Currently default is: png, gif, doc, odt, jpg, pdf

Seems to be a list of examples. I don't think we really want a catch all here. This setting should probably be customized for each instance of this question type.

Maybe just amend to: png, gif, docx, odt, jpg, pdf?

(Sorry for the second note. Made the first one based on an old version.)



2016-09-23 11:39

partner   ~40931

If you want to add file types to a file upload question, you can use the advanced settings.

20160923.ls25fileupload.jpg (15,720 bytes)   
20160923.ls25fileupload.jpg (15,720 bytes)   


2016-09-23 11:51

partner   ~40932

IMHO there is no default filetype set. Perhaps a global setting in the config file or a small dialog in global settings with a few sets to choose from.

() Default (png, gif, doc, odt, jpg, pdf) TBD
() Office (pdf,xls,xls, .... ) TBD
() Graphics (png,jpg,jpeg,gif,...) TBD
() ___ (<-- field to set your own filetypelist)



2019-06-04 15:43

partner   ~52296

@c_schmitz, can we add these file types at LS 4?



2019-06-11 02:42

developer   ~52343

My opinion : add a default_upload_filetype = 'jpg,jpe,jpeg,png,gif' only in config-default NO dox or docx … maybe pdf.
Can be updated in config, and in a new "QuestionObject" management when it come ;)



2019-06-11 08:26

partner   ~52344

@DenisChenu, I was actually looking at config-defaults for such settings but they were missing. Adding the defaults there makes sense!



2019-06-11 09:00

developer   ~52345

Yep … missing …

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