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11661Feature requestsOtherpublic2016-09-17 18:01
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Summary11661: Activate logging of error and warning by default
DescriptionActually : with debug = 0 : user must search in his apache log to have the error. It can be coplicated, and not all user can access the pache error log file.

Yii have a log error system to log error on a file. We already log error in HTML if user set debug=1. But it can be great to log error and warnig for bug report and forum.
Additional Information@olle add 'class' => 'CFileLogRoute', surely for some testing removed after. But maybe we can have

'log' => array(
  'applicationError' => array(
      'class' => 'CFileLogRoute',
      'levels' => 'warning, error',
      'logFile' => 'error.log',

i released internal.

The log file is runtime/error.log : renamed/deleted automatcially by Yii .

Give a key to the log allow different logguing.
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2016-09-17 13:58

developer   ~40805

I like your idea Denis. I would also like a log in LS.


2016-09-17 18:01

developer   ~40807

@aesteban : you can already use tis in your config :) It's just add it to "default" :)

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