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11637Feature requestsErgonomypublic2016-09-08 12:19
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Summary11637: Question organizer. Give the opportunity to choose several questions to move
DescriptionSometimes i have surveys with 100+ questions on 30+ groups to show 2-3 questions on the same screen in group by group mode. To do that sometimes i should move questions 100 times between groups one by one.
It will be great to have a way to select more than 1 question before drag-n-drop them to the new group. With ctrl/shift or checkboxes.
Additional Information08067 is better but i think this one is easier to develop.
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2016-09-08 12:14


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wish.jpg (53,596 bytes)   


2016-09-08 12:19

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Select none button should be added if someone tried to code this. Select all, select all in group are welcome too.

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