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11605Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2019-05-09 18:25
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Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary11605: Please : don't add a GROUP and an a QUESTION each time

Since some week : when creating a survey : ojne group is added + one example question.
This is surely good at start using LS, but really annoying for pwoer user : there MUST be a solution to deactivate this behaviour

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Really think it must be provided by a plugin ...

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2016-09-28 14:26

partner   ~41004

Please do not do these thing by default. Rather ask: do you want to start with a group ("page") and a sample question? Yes/No?



2016-09-28 14:56

developer   ~41005

When create a new survey : add a new checkbox ? At top of the form ?

Seems great for me :)



2016-09-28 16:19

updater   ~41009

I second this one! Reminds me about the paper clip in Windows 95.



2016-09-28 16:53

partner   ~41011

I do like the idea that a novice user is helped, because LS has a steep learning curve. But a experienced user will not want this. And I hope that many novice users will become experienced users.



2016-09-29 00:10

developer   ~41020

Working on this...

Should it be enabled (Yes create the questions) or disabled (Don't create the questions) by default?

Or really, do you think novice users will click it in the first place to get the sample question? Or should experienced users be bothered with having to click to turn it off?

Maybe a global setting will be better?

Any thoughts?



2016-09-29 00:38

developer   ~41023



2016-09-29 09:40

partner   ~41028

Just brainstorming: this could be part of "beginners mode" vs "expert mode" where more features could be added in due course:

beginners mode: there is a checkbox for automatically adding a sample group and a sample question (checkbox default checked)

expert mode: there is the same checkbox but is by default unchecked.



2016-09-29 09:44

partner   ~41029

And the checkbox is only visible when defining a new survey.

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