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11589Feature requests[All Projects] Expression Managerpublic2019-02-04 16:34
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Summary11589: Quota should be accessible in relevance equation

It should be possible to hide a question if a quota is met or not.

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2016-09-25 16:04

partner   ~40945

Quotas should be accessible for conditions and EM.
The quotas should be available via percentage and via counts.

See attached screenshot for a typical way to do it in other survey packages.
Another way to access quota during the interview is to get the status of quota questions. In the screenshot you can access the status (quota questions shown,answered and not answered as well).



2018-01-25 12:39

reporter   ~46083

The quota system is very basic. For example there is no quota on "not having clicked" an item (

Currently, this can only be solved via a workaround with a second hidden question.



2018-01-25 12:41

reporter   ~46084

by the way: I can't see the screenshot.



2018-03-01 22:15

partner   ~46858

Other screenshots. No longer remember what I wanted to attach 2016.

Qualtrics.Quota01.JPG (55,163 bytes)
Qualtrics.Quota01.JPG (55,163 bytes)
Qualtrics.Quota02.JPG (51,054 bytes)
Qualtrics.Quota02.JPG (51,054 bytes)
Qualtrics.Quota03.JPG (50,875 bytes)
Qualtrics.Quota03.JPG (50,875 bytes)
Qualtrics.Quota04.JPG (56,658 bytes)
Qualtrics.Quota04.JPG (56,658 bytes)


2019-02-04 16:34

developer   ~50396

It must not be related to quota but to "current response".

Sample :

  • When you can come (you have 10 places for each day) : Monday, thirsday etc …
    OK : quota can be used, but clearly better with DAY_MONDAY.count <= 10

But for single choice need too DAY.choice.monday <=10 (for example)

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