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11481Bug reports[All Projects] Survey takingpublic2018-05-23 12:07
ReporterYvesLanglois Assigned ToLouisGac  
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Product Version2.50.x 
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Summary11481: Mandatory warning triggered when it shouldn't

The mandatory warning appears when somenone is presented a question for the first time and didn't click Next button. This happens because he answered a question in a group further in the Survey, came back and change some answer and modified a condition and is presented with a new question.

The mandatory check should be triggered only if the user tries to click next, not before he clicks.

I use LS 2.50 build 160620.

Additional Information

To reproduce the bug in this Survey example:

1-At FilterQuestion choose option "Question 2" then click next.
2-Answer any (yes or no) at question 2 then click next.
3-At question 4, click previous.
4-Back at question 2, click previous again.
5-Back at FilterQuestion, this time choose option "Question 3" then click next.
6-You should see a warning at question 3 similar as if you tried to skip it without answering.

This bug can be presented also in a simpler Survey. Group 1(question 1), Group 2 (question 2), Group 3 (question 3). Question 2 appears based on question 1's answer. First time, answer question 1 to skip question 2. Go back and change question 1's answer. Mandatory warning for question 2 appears.

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2016-07-20 15:02


MandatoryQuestionsConditions.lss (18,758 bytes)


2016-07-22 10:35

developer   ~40013

Maybe, fopr mandatory : we must check NULL vs empty ? But for numercial : we always have null ....



2016-07-22 11:10

reporter   ~40015

Can also reproduce this issue using 2.06lts (last build) version.

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