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11164Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2023-10-27 08:51
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Summary11164: Add special survey option 'price draw'

Many studies, including mine, add a price draw to attract more respondents & increase participation numbers. I currently made a question asking for name & emailaddress, which they can fill in if they want to participate.

However, when checking respondents' answers in the "Survey responses" view, this makes it very easy for me to check who gave which answers. This jeopardises the participants' privacy.

It would be nice to be able to have an extra survey setting/plugin to enable 'price draw', which:

  • creates an extra question at the end of the questionnaire
  • must be able to combine on an existing page; i.e. I want to combine a feedback field ('any other comments on this survey?') with the price draw on one page
  • can be excluded from the progress bar (because it's not really part of the survey, reduces time perceived by participants thereby leading to less dropouts)
  • does not lead to displaying data in the 'survey responses' screen
  • maybe even stores it's data in a seperate table
  • makes it possible to select criteria which decide whether people can participate in the price draw (e.g. answered x% of the pages, answered particular question X or Y)
  • has the option to a) enable and b) require: first name, last name, email address, phone number and/or address
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2016-05-14 11:33

reporter   ~38563

Just figured it's a duplicate of 07517



2022-08-07 22:29

administrator   ~71353

Not possible to do with a plugin?

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