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Summary11099: Count number of database columns while building survey.

I have been building a (very) large survey. Cost me more than two days to define all questions.

There were several large array questions, each more than 20 x 25 cells.

Only when activating the survey, I receive a notice: 'surveycreationerror', in version 2.06 without further info, in 2.50 with the indication that there are too many subquestions.

Feature request: please show somewhere in the screen during survey creation the number of columns the response table will take and how much room is still left.

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duplicate of 07411 acknowledged Warn survey authors about survey size 

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2016-05-02 15:29

partner   ~38109

If this is impossible or too difficult, as Mazi says in:

then please issue a warning when a user creates a question that takes more than [x] columns. [x] is to be discussed I guess.



2016-05-02 15:32

partner   ~38110

Or, if this is impossible, issue a warning after adding more than [y] questions, that the user should test to activate the survey (and than show how many columns are in the table).



2016-05-02 15:33

updater   ~38111

The warning to be shown when creating large questions mainly refers to array texts/numbers question types since they can easily add of to lots of columns needed (20 answers x 50 subquestions = 1000 columns! -> can also cause problems with max_input_vars setting).
For multiple choice questions this may make sense as well since users sometimes add really long lists with hundreds of items.



2016-05-02 15:36

partner   ~38112

Yes, I could add more than 12 array questions, each of 20 x 25. I was already above 6000 columns. And there were 80 other questions too.... An earlier warning would have helped me :-(



2016-05-03 12:27

partner   ~38154

As seen on the wiki, the strongest contraints are posed by innodb. Why not count (at each question definition) a rough figure and substract that from the available innodb max, and issue a textual warning when less than x% is left?

The user may then proceed, but at least he is warned...

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