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11097Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2016-05-03 11:22
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Summary11097: Add 'share' function
DescriptionI would like to make it as easy as possible for people to invite other participants (esp. useful for 'snowball sampling').

Therefore it would be nice if it would be possible to add a 'share' section in the end page, displaying Twitter/Facebook/Linked-In/Email/whathaveyou buttons. Maybe a placeholder field could be used, or an additional 'snowball sharing' section in the survey options (below 'panel integration' or sth).
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2016-05-03 10:13

developer   ~38131

Not in core please ....

You can easiliy add it to endpage text actually.


2016-05-03 10:18

reporter   ~38132

Why not in core? Might a plugin be an option?
Define 'easily' :P (it means googling for html code that might work (or not), which is not particularly noob-friendly)


2016-05-03 10:50

developer   ~38135
etc ....

After : copy/paste on your endpage.pstpl


2016-05-03 11:05

reporter   ~38136

You expect, let's say, a philosophy student with no technical knowledge whatsoever at all to 1) find the page you're referring to, 2) go through the process in each of these websites and 3) figuring out how to make a similar button for email.

I appreciate you posting these links, but I guess my point is: sure *I* am capable, but many other students probably aren't (or put differently: they find the threshold to try too high) :)


2016-05-03 11:22

developer   ~38145

Then plugin devlopment.

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