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11003Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2016-04-22 11:58
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Summary11003: Add survey peview/test button where it's accessible in all views of survey/group/question
DescriptionI'd love to have the Test-survey button accessible in all views related to a survey (Similarly to the LimeSurvey 2.0x).

An example. I need to change something in survey settings. Change the settings - and then want to test the result. I have to go back to find the test button. If the result is not what I expect then I again need to open settings, chanes, go back and find test button.

Same goes for changes in specific Questions.
Sometimes if I change a specific question - in order to test the result - I need to test the whole survey (Eg if I have filters, relations etc). So again - It would really help to have the survey test button accessible on all survey related views.

Thank you!
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Dev: in the quick-menu.
Dev: Un-official event, only ment to be used by developers to
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