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10955Feature requestsTheme editorpublic2016-04-15 12:50
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned Toollehar  
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Summary10955: Remove the usage of "radio" class from BootStrap
DescriptionBootStrap use .radio for the radio wrapper.

This class does 2 think
.checkbox label, .radio label {
    cursor: pointer;
    font-weight: 400;

.checkbox input[type="checkbox"], .checkbox-inline input[type="checkbox"], .radio input[type="radio"], .radio-inline input[type="radio"] {
    margin-left: -20px;
    position: absolute;

But this 2 think is not needed, the ansolute position is something good, but must set to top:50% : we have morte text than athe little form in BootTrap
Additional InformationIn fact : BootStrap is done to do website, not from website, the BootStrap forms are for "little" form : we have big form with a lot of element.

And here : the radio absolute in td is really a bad idea .

I know i can use CSS to update it : but bootstrap.css coem from template, not from "core" : if it come from core : decision was made to don't use Casacading a lot.
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2016-04-15 10:41

administrator   ~37426

This is the styling we use:

Not sure what your point is... Do you have a display error?


2016-04-15 10:47

developer   ~37429

You think nonly of "default" and "included" template.
But template can be done by any other people.

Then We need to remove Cascading from Bootstrap.


2016-04-15 10:56

developer   ~37431

in fact the bug come from form.css applying a display: block; to the tds


2016-04-15 10:57

developer   ~37432

and you can disable bootstrap in a custom template from the config.xml


2016-04-15 11:49

developer   ~37438

If you disable bootstrap for a template : you broke slider ....


2016-04-15 11:54

administrator   ~37440

So remove "display: block;" from the radio wrapper class?


2016-04-15 12:19

developer   ~37444

The point is that :
- BootStrap have some great system
- BootStrap whole have some bad feature

Actually : forms of bootstrap are not really good for big forms ... we can "updfate/fix" due to casacding.

But if we use cascading : no need to add bootstrap.css in each template :; add it everywhere with ALL default from bootstrap (color too).

A,nd use bootstrap-theme.css in template .....


2016-04-15 12:48

developer   ~37447

slider js is in template side, so you can add your own slider js if you want


2016-04-15 12:50

developer   ~37448

You mean : we fix.add feature slider.js in core : must fix/add feature in all included template ....

Strange for me ....

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