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Summary10935: 2.50 Multinum: value range missing does not work for Max sum value

When hovering over the label in the Advanced settings this is shown:

Is no answer (missing) allowed when either 'Equals sum value' or 'Minimum sum value' are set?

I would very much like this also to work when 'Maximum sum value is set'

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2016-04-13 13:04

partner   ~37317

Last edited: 2016-04-13 13:19

I understand that when the max has not yet been reached, proceeding itself could be in error.

This may lead to another feature request: indicate that there may be something wrong (like a maximum score not reched) but give the respondent the possibility to go on anyway after clicking "I know, but I still want to proceed"



2016-04-13 13:21

partner   ~37318

Actually the setting for "Value range allows missing" should only be there when it is usable. This would guide the person defing the survey much better.



2016-04-13 19:22

updater   ~37354

Tested : Version 2.50+ Build 160414
Non-mandatory question by default do not force any input.
I hope when this setting = Yes and min sum = x ... respondent can proceed survey even if he left any input blank but minimum sum has reached . This is not the case in tested version.



2016-04-14 08:00

developer   ~37360

@trivender : seems more a bug ? NO ? If yes : report another bug, and test in 2.06 if you can.


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