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Summary10926: Expression Manager to link to previous question group
DescriptionThe only way to link to a previous question group is by using the question index. I would like to have the possibility to use the Expression Manager to link to a previous question group.
Additional InformationThe goal is to present given answers (and some EM magic) as text on the last question page, and give the user the possibility to go back when he/she wants to change some answers, without using the question index.
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2016-04-12 19:16

developer   ~37270

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You can
- Allow index
- remove index part from template
- I think you can use surveyurl?move=stepNumber : can you try ?

Else you need a form with a onlick event ....

See :



2016-11-06 19:41

developer   ~41734

More easy in 3.0 :

<a href="#" data-limesurvey-submit="{ 'move':1 }">Go to step 1</a>

Does the trick for javascript

For 'No JS' <button type="submit" name="move" value="1"> Go to step 1 </button>

Must control without index activated. But if needed : just remove {QUESTION_INDEX_MENU} and {QUESTION_INDEX} from template


2016-11-06 19:43

developer   ~41735

PS : you can , too :
Remove {QUESTION_INDEX_MENU} + {QUESTION_INDEX} from template and add it only in last question.

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