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Summary10789: « Organize question groups/questions » page (index.php?r=admin/survey/sa/organize/)


  1. In addition to the drag and drop feature, it could be useful to have a « move » button. Like in Moodle, It will prevent the « scroll of death » with big surveys. When we click on the move button of a section or a question, all the group and questions are listed and we can move the in a group or before or after an other question. The Moodle feature is explain here : :

  2. The question group in this page should be clickable to acces to their edit page.

  3. Buttons to add question or add a group should been displayed on this page.

  4. I dont understand the difference between the « Organize question groups/questions » page ( index.php?r=admin/survey/sa/organize/ ) and the « Question Explorer » in the left menu of a survey. In 2.6, i always use the « Change Question Order » feature to have the big picture of my survey. For my usage, this feature is more use than the « list question groups » and « list question » option in the menu and would be helpful if it was the first option of the three avaible in the « Question and groups folder »

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2016-03-21 10:05

developer   ~36635

  1. Good idea.
  2. Ok, with a button (clickable/Dragable ==> conflict)
  3. Sure

Question explorer : quick access to any question from anywhere.

Item list : just the most usual user interface for item for any application In
LS : surveys list, question groups list, question lists, users list,label list, etc. Like any list, it provides search functionalities, filters, orders, etc. Soon, it will also provide batch actions. Batch action : select items with checkbox, do action (like delete, or set to mandatory, etc.)

To have a nice overview of a survey, a complete tree view could be nice.



2016-03-21 11:18

reporter   ~36647

Great! Thansk for the explanation!

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