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Summary10788: Default template Improvements

Hi, Here some improvements (mostly CSS) for the default template.

  1. In the navbar, the surveydescription should be replaced by the user logo. The logo have also a link to # that seems useless.

  2. The question have a "normal font-weight" and the choice of anwser have a "bold font-weight". To give emphasis on the question, it should be the opposite.

  3. The left-border of the group-name does’nt make the emphasis needed. The group-name could be inserted inthe group-description jumbotron.

  4. At the begining of a survey, the meaning of the progress bar is’nt implicit. It shoud be labelled « Progress »

  5. The row before the navigator container is too big. Consequently, we need to scroll to use the navigator button. Some user may search theses precious button.

  6. In a Yes/No question, the background of the unselected choice should have a more heavy contrast. It’s not explicit that theses are button. The unselected choice could be white or light grey.


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2016-03-19 10:10

developer   ~36617

HI :)

" 2. The question have a "normal font-weight" and the choice of anwser have a "bold font-weight". To give emphasis on the question, it should be the opposite."
No i think none must have a bold font-weight by default. Or have a b,strong system.

If user put strong : somethink different must be shown :)



2016-03-19 12:12

reporter   ~36618

Hi DenisCHenu,

You're right!



2016-03-21 09:50

developer   ~36631

Interesting ideas.
If you're ok with coding, don't hesitate to do some pull requests.
Else, keep it this way. We'll maybe not integrate your ideas immediately, nor all of them, but still useful.



2016-03-21 12:09

reporter   ~36661

Perfect! Thanks a lot!

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