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Summary10257: Make the quick translation more useful

I think it would be great to enhance the Quick Translation. Right now it is fine to copy-paste, but it could be a great tool!

Some ideas:

  1. Show all languages the user selects next to each other (no problem on Full HD to get a good overview)
  2. Make languages read-only or hide them for certain users
  3. Allow for multiple versions of a translation - blocking the
  4. Have a "lastchange", "status" and "comment" information on each translatable item (a check for max_input_vars should be included, because this will up the number of variables significantly)

Another translation feature which would be very nice to have:
Extend the Logic File (and maybe even the Printable Survey) to show all selected languages next to each other - this might be actually quite easy

Additional Information

I would very much like to help with this - but I need someone who knows the LimeSurvey architecture. I do know the functionality of LS quite well and know php and js...

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2016-01-29 06:30

reporter   ~34409

  1. Use the Quick Translation to quickly edit [the original language] text as well - why should one go through each question to change some terminology when the Quick Translation feature shows all texts in one spot [but currently only for secondary languages]?

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