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08594Feature requestsTheme editorpublic2015-07-08 09:48
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Summary08594: Ability to change doctype in a theme
DescriptionAs it stands at the moment, the HTML doctype is generated in LS core and cannot be modified by a template. It would be very useful if it could be moved to the template rendering system, so that a survey template can use its own doctype.
Additional InformationMany popular CSS frameworks- Bootstrap ( for one- require the use of the HTML5 doctype (<!DOCTYPE html>) to make sure that all major browsers use standards-compliant rendering, making it difficult to develop themes that use them.
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related to 08008 new Go to HTML5, add a polyfills and remove a lot of JS 




2014-02-08 15:36

developer   ~28577

Why allow HTML4 deprecated when HTML5 is allways better ;)

But can be an idea ....
I think of a XML file in template to add some parameters


2015-07-08 09:48

partner   ~32650

I agree that the ability to add your own doctype would be a really nice solution.

As a workaround would it work to add some JS at template.js to adjust the doctype?

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