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08008Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2015-11-19 12:30
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Summary08008: Go to HTML5, add a polyfills and remove a lot of JS
DescriptionHTML5 allow a lot of new functionnality: pattern is great and can easyly replace exsting validation, and surely have other possibility.

Additional InformationHTML5 is not only <head><content> etc ..; it's really a great system to have good working HTML on all modern browser AND add some polyfill for ols browser like IE6.

We van use old template like that except some part (vpadding etc), but all HTML of qanda is OK for HTML5 (or near).

ANd more : actually we have some BUG in some webphone, no problem with HTML5.
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parent of 10039 new Please use [input type = ...] where possible 
related to 08594 new Ability to change doctype in a theme 
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