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15097Bug reportsErgonomypublic2022-06-01 08:31
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
Product Version4.0.0-RC2 
Summary15097: Editing subquestion and answers is totally maladjustment

See sreencast
Have the save button at top only make this really hard to update and edit subquestions and answers

With 3.0 and previous : answer and subquestion are at top : direclty inside the view : great
In 4.0: it's out of the windows like something not important , and you must scroll to edit it : bad

With 3.0 and previous : save are at top : bad with long list, OK for short list
In 4.0 : it's always out of windows : allways bad

Steps To Reproduce

See screencast

Additional Information

I already use 80% size in 3.0, better usage
But here even at 50% the button and top of the list are not on same page
Screen 1920x1080 / XFCE / Font : Sans regular 10.

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Bug heat6
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.0.0 github
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
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related to 17686 acknowledged Editing sub question more comllex than 3.X 
related to 17801 closedgabrieljenik No way to go to submit button in create group or quuestion form with keyboard 




2019-08-01 15:27




2019-08-05 16:11

administrator   ~53108

I see the issues with the subquestion alignment. I will fix that.

For the arrangement of the settings, where would you have put it?
A separate screen for it is off the table. It needed to be integrated.

This felt to me like a natural position and the first tests we've made with a few of our customers show only positive comments.
A little scrolling doesn't hurt and most people don't bother about this, also you can use keyboard shortcuts to save (Ctrl+Shift+S) if you are in a hurry.



2019-08-05 16:58

developer   ~53115

Last edited: 2019-08-05 17:21

Maybe add an edit button just for answer or subquestions ?
And a save button too.

I mean : save and edit «Just this block»

When testing first : we test more simple answers (since sub question are broken at start) …

And Natural position of a save or submit button is After all the input … or or etc …

A little scrolling It's NOT a little scrolling …



2020-02-13 15:47

developer   ~55961

@cdorin : since this old issue are never be resolved , set to markus.

See the screencast : A lot of go up/go down + a lot of extra button (for example : you can easily click on Overview when going up).



2022-06-01 01:00

manager   ~70145

Hello DenisChenu,
This ticket has been open for quite some time.
Do you have any new info / feedback?
Can you please check if this issue still exists in the latest version of LimeSurvey and let us know?
Thank you!



2022-06-01 08:30

developer   ~70155

better but issue still exist,

Now it's the width of answer and subquestion : even with big screen …

Let's close this one

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