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Summary09795: default template shown when creating a new survey, although no right granted
DescriptionI don't know if it is bug or new feature - somehow both.

Following problem:
In the global settings you can assign a default template.

Now I have some users, who have to use another template.

The point is, that you can uncheck the "default" template in the template permissions for each user and grant the right for an other template. It is working, just in one case not: When this users are creating a new survey.

In this case the default template is automatically assigned to the survey, although the user does not have privilege on it. According to the permissions they should not see it either.

A possible solution (or nice feature) would be, if in the template permissions for each user it would be possible the set a default template.
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2015-07-28 13:52

developer   ~32820

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I think default template must be a real default template. can be used by anyone in admin part.

Else, you need default template for this user, default anoter template for another user etc ....

If we disallow defaut template by settings, the last template used is 'default'.



2015-07-28 14:05

reporter   ~32821

But it is strange, that for a new survey the default template is assigned and afterwards you cannot choose it anymore (if you do not have permission on it).

What is meant by "
 If we disallow defaut template by settings, the last template used is 'default'."?

The last template used from any user?

Yes, it would be a nice feature that I can select what is the default template when creating a new survey (for every user in the template permissions).

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