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09619Feature requests[All Projects] Statisticspublic2016-06-17 09:46
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Summary09619: Question group timings are not exported to SPSS

Timings are not exported to SPSS-files, but are part of other data files (R, .xls, .csv).

Steps To Reproduce

Set "Save Timings" to Yes when activating study
Create one dummy response set
Go to the export data to SPSS menu
Download .sps and .dat files
Run .sps syntax file
Result: no timings in .sav-File of SPSS

Additional Information

Suggested Solution: add timings to .dat File and extend syntax to include labels for these variables

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2016-02-03 16:18

reporter   ~34546

Reminder sent to: c_schmitz

I think that would be a really quick fix as the code already exists for other file formats...

Sorry to bother - just stumbled over this problem again...



2016-02-03 16:45

administrator   ~34549

Have you tried with latest version?

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