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09617Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2015-04-28 10:12
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Summary09617: Question Type: time only
DescriptionI ask the opportunity to enter this type of question: "time only".
In my survey, i need to ask users, how long it took to perform a certain task.
If I use as a kind of question date/time and then I point in the format HH:MM, the questionnaire asks only hour and minutes (this is OK), but when I export, in the same column shows me also a dummy date. For example: if the user answer is: 02:30, in the exportation i find: "1970-01-01 02:30:00" due to the fact that the date field was not displayed...
I hope that my problem is sufficiently understandable, however, please contact me via email, if you solve this problem, the donation will be safe and conspicuous.
i attach files so you can better understand.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards
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Yes, but for 3.0 , when we have "Question plugin".

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