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09596Feature requestsImport/Exportpublic2016-01-20 09:11
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Summary09596: Export result : adding filter by "everyting"

Actually export result can be filtered by

  • completed state
  • from /to id
  • specific id

I like to have a way to export by:

  • Token attribute
  • Answer specific
  • etc ....
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Think it can be great to extend export helper , and move the from/to is to core plugin

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parent of 07971 closedDenisChenu Add a "filter by attribute" when exporting token 

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2015-12-15 09:16

developer   ~33918

This can be done using a plugin to update $sFilter in loadSurveyResults



2015-12-15 09:53

developer   ~33919

Last edited: 2015-12-15 09:59

The ->compare system is great too.

One "column",one "value"

Compare can use directly (in value) : <= , > etc ... (see in actual browse responses). And =: remove the partialMatch

We just have lack of 'in array' on OR ability: but this one need:

  • event->set('criteria',$oCriteria)
  • $oCriteria=event->get('criteria')
    or something like that.

A lot more of possibility for plugins ... but a lot of events happen



2016-01-20 09:11

developer   ~34292

I have a solution : i update the "export" action link toi use my own export system .....
But if needed : can be included in core.

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