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Summary09499: Custom per-survey SMTP email configuration that overrides global settings

Right now if you use SMTP email you can only configure it in the Global Settings and the individual Survey Settings must match the sender email in Global. Ideally each survey would have it's own email settings that can override the Global settings of that survey so each Survey owner could have their own SMTP address set up. Additional situations that might benefit from this are when you want some surveys to be sent from a generic address such as and other might need to be more personalized such as

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Right now with an SMTP send this can only be accomplished by changing the global settings before each send.

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2015-02-18 18:22

developer   ~31695

We already have a solution for Bounce
We already have an event 'beforeTokenSend' : you can this event to do what you need.

Think we don't need another setting ...



2018-11-06 10:33

reporter   ~49547

hello, in our organisation the SMTP server rejects sending mail if the sender and the authenticated user are different.
Adding a "SMTP password" field in "Survey administrator" configuration page, and making LimeSurvey use these credentials to send the email would be very useful for cases like ours. Right now, our only option is to set all the survey administrators email to the same as the global administrator email.



2018-11-06 11:08

developer   ~49548

see : fixed by plugin solution.



2019-11-21 12:57

reporter   ~54748

The readme of the plugin says it does not work with LimeSurvey 3.x
I have opened an issue about it:



2019-11-21 14:22

developer   ~54749

@larjona : in 4.0

I think it's fixed in next version definitely …

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