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09473Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2020-03-09 19:18
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Summary09473: Configurable token length min, max and default
DescriptionThe token lenght is checked with hardcoded values, the patch will let a system customize min max and default overriding in config.php the values

$config['token_length_min'] = 5;
$config['token_length_max'] = 36;
$config['token_length_default'] = 15;

which are now used admin/database, admin/surveyadmin, admin/token and models/TokenDynamic
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2015-02-04 09:40

developer   ~31624

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token_length_max : DB issue , then we don't need
<s>token_length_default : already in token_length</s>
token_length_min : ??? With very little character it broke autogeneration. But you can already use a token of 1 character when import.

Oups : token_length_default are OK.



2015-02-04 10:10

reporter   ~31626

Without the patch when a survey owner edits the survey token length, using "Edit survey settings" > "Tokens" > "Set token length to:", this value is checked in application/controllers/admin/surveyadmin.php in order to be in the range 5-36, with 15 as a default. I'd like to give to a system administrator a way to tweak this range, e.g. forcing all the users to have a minimun of 10 instead of 5.


2015-02-05 15:07

reporter   ~31638

@Denis patch has been updated according to your note in github


2015-02-05 16:20

developer   ~31640


I think we must move whole to model for better evolution. After a model _construct function can extend some default value. Why not :)


2020-03-09 19:18

reporter   ~56387

Not sure how to vote for this feature. The "Issue Community Support" section was not found.

I would love to be able to have 40 characters for the token in order to be able to save SHA1 generated tokens because 36 characters are insufficient for this.

This feature would be perfect for me.

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