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09161Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2016-09-20 16:57
Reporterduvemyster Assigned Toollehar  
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Summary09161: Allow token imports with email addresses containing a semicolon (;)
DescriptionIn version 2.05+ build 140730, token imports of records containing a semicolon(;) end up in the "records removed" list. This seems to be happening irrespective of "filter duplicate records" settings.

Additional InformationIt is understood that sending a single token to multiple email addresses is not officially supported.
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2016-09-20 16:57

reporter   ~40860

This item has already been addressed in 2.05+. Import and Edit both allow for multiple email addresses in the same token. It is only create new token that doesn't, though creating with one address then editing that token or importing the record are both workarounds.

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