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08719Feature requestsSecuritypublic2017-01-12 15:38
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Summary08719: Managing user groups only functional if Superadministrator
DescriptionIn Limesurvey Version 2.05+ Build 140204 the function to manage user groups ("Create/edit user groups") doesn't seem to work properly.

When logged in as a Superadministrator you can create and edit user groups without any problems. But if you give the permissions to a user to create user groups and edit those he created, it doesn't work. The button (+) for creating a group isn't there and when trying to edit a group, the fields are empty and saving changes results on a blank page.

Steps to reproduce:
1. install LS Version 2.05+ Build 140204
2. log in as Superadministrator and create user with all permissions of the category "User groups"
3. create a new group and add the user just created
4. log in as the user just created and go to menu "create/edit user groups"
The plus sign to create a new group isn't there.
5. choose the group just created
6. click on "Edit current user group"
The fields are empty.
7. fill in the fields and click on "Update user group"
The result is a blank page and nothing has changed ..
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2014-02-14 15:59

reporter   ~28741

Edit: just tried a virgin installation with Version 2.05+ Build 140212. The problem still persists.


2017-01-12 15:38

reporter   ~42694

A usergroup can only be edited by the owner of the usergroup. So it's normal that when you're logged as the lambda user, you can't edit the usergroup created by admin.

For the other problem, the plus sign to create a new usergroup, it's solved in other releases, did you try?


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