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Summary08149: Column Filtering

In array (eg Array numbers with checkbox layout) sometimes we need to hide certain columns based on the answer to previous question and still keep the question mandatory to answer.Please implement column like we have Array filter(rows filtering)

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2013-12-14 19:52

reporter   ~27564

I agree that this would be a helpful feature.



2016-04-04 23:36

updater   ~36998

I see now feature are being addressed quickly. Can we please have a look here.:) A column filter(relevance) will be helpful in all array question types.



2016-04-12 19:40

developer   ~37274

Last edited: 2016-04-12 19:40

Hiding a line is easy ... hiding a column is rellay less easy.

Doing this in PHP only, maybe but then whole EM must be reviewed.

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