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08068Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2013-08-06 11:11
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Summary08068: Add "page breaks" to groups
DescriptionCurrently the choice of breaks for survey design is very limited

By allowing a group to set a page break before the group design would be far more flexible
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2013-08-01 15:25

developer   ~25908

CSS issue


2013-08-05 00:46

reporter   ~25927

This is not a css issue. It is unrelated to css perhaps you felt I meant printer page breaks.

I do not I mean logical page breaks in a survey. Where the next button appears.


2013-08-05 10:40

developer   ~25928

Yes, mean of print page break.

Think we alrlready talk of this : group is group. Use group.

Or contribute for 2.2 (or 2.5 LS).


2013-08-06 01:49

reporter   ~25934

Hi Denis.

I think you mean "Group by Group". That does not solve the problem.

Groups are a logical place to place things that change the look and feel of a survey. Sometimes that means a group should be the start of a new logical page. sometimes it means it should be the start of a different layout that may be within another group. hence my other suggestion of nested groups.

Groups can be powerful they are sorely underutilised.

I am looking at the possibility of contributing. but even if I did these feature enhancements need to be considered.

Currently I am forced to hide javascript inside a group description to perform needed formatting functions.

That may seem like an OK solution. but it isn't, it is prone to being broken.


2013-08-06 11:11

developer   ~25935

To seperate question 'group' in same group, i use a lot text display question type :).

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