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07857Feature requestsRemoteControlpublic2013-05-21 14:21
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Summary07857: please add export_single_response to remote_control

Please add ability to export a single response using the RPC. It should accept as parameter both token (when token is active), andanswer ID (at least when token is not active)... and any other relevant parameter from "export_responses".

The existing function "export_responses" is not satisfactory to get only 1 answer in a very large set of answers.

export format could be one of the already existing (csv, excel...) or maybe even more useful/usable: a json array [question_code => answer]+ .

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Initial request, workaround and related discussions at

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2013-05-21 13:45

updater   ~25323

Sounds very reasonable to have such a feature for a single response which can be based on a token or the data set id (column "id" at lime_survey_12345).



2013-05-21 14:17

reporter   ~25324

seems to be already implemented (at least for tokens, not for answerID) in

(pending pull request)



2013-05-21 14:20

reporter   ~25325

Last edited: 2013-05-21 14:21

and fyi I'd use that kind of code to generate custom report for direct feedback to the respondent at the end of the survey, such as in

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