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07608Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2013-05-07 15:28
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Summary07608: quick edit of survey texts elements (groups, questions, options answers...)
DescriptionI'd like to be able to quickly edit the textual elements of my survey easily... similarly to what is possible for a secondary language using the "quick translation" view, but for the main language.

Is it possible to, for instance, enable edition of the text elements in the "quick translation" view for the base language (typically english) elements?

Why? just because I discovered I made a systematic spelling error in most of my questions and hate the idea of needing 6 clicks to correct every single of them. (and no, export-correct-import won't do in all cases, as it changes the ID of a survey, a.o... or is not allowed for all users).

(the category "Question types" under which this idea is filled is wrong, but there's no better one as of today)
Additional InformationA possible solution: enable "quick translation" interface for base language
allow editing the text elements in the base language from the existing "quick translate" view.... and rename this tool "quick text edit" if there is no secondary language activated, to remain consistent.
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