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Summary07605: Use template to print Participants's PDF responses

An interesting feature of LimeSurvey is that you can print to PDF the answers of the participant.

Sin that is not really functional.
To become truly useful, it would be necessary to use a custom template (a model) as a basis for the construction of the PDF downloaded by participant.

The template should not only be defined in the system, but "specific" and customized for each survey.

Additional Information

A possible solution: Define template (model) to create PDF files
It would be necessary to create a basic model (by pressing a link or button) after building the survey to include all fields (texts and replies) defined in the same survey.

The same pattern can be changed by the user (or presumably by a computer scientist who works with him), before being loaded into the system (in the survey config).
During the print of the PDF file of the responses in the survey by the participants themselves will used the model defined in configuration.

I guess an appropriate technology to solve the problem (in this way) can be created such models as XSLT file.

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