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07594Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2013-05-17 17:02
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Summary07594: Minimum and maximum values are easy to confuse

It took me a while to figure out why my slider layout wasn't working until I saw that I had the sliders go from 7 to 1 instead of from 1 to 7. I looked a bit further and I found that generally there is no fixed order in which to present minimum and maximum values. For example:

Minimum answers
Maximum answers
Slider maximum value
Slider minimum value

or even:
Maximum sum value
Minimum value
Maximum characters
Minimum sum value
Equals sum value
Maximum value

Additional Information

A possible solution: Always present minimum before maximum
For the input block above, this would mean something like this:

Maximum characters
Minimum value
Maximum value
Minimum sum value
Maximum sum value
Equals sum value

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2013-05-17 17:02

developer   ~25297

All attribute are disorder.

Have one person to manage order of all attribute are a great idea (it take some times, but no real difficult)

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