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07585Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2012-08-15 09:26
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Summary07585: Add e-mail handlling in Central Participant Database

The idea is simple: be able to send emails to participants directly from the central participants database.

Currently one has to add participants to a survey in order to send them email(s).

The cpdb is a suitable place to centralize all email communications that are not related to a given particular survey.

Additional Information

A possible solution: Have an email functionality as in tokens management
The needs are different though.
Whereas in tokens management, it is about sending invitations and reminders, in the cpdb it would be about sending generic types of messages.

As an exmaple, admin should be able to define various email templates.
The UI should then allow to:

  • see what email templates have already been sent to who
  • allow to send any given email template to any participant
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