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07580Feature requestsConditionspublic2012-07-16 02:10
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Summary07580: Ensure Uniqueness of Text entries

I want to realize a participant form with LimeSurvey where one Employee can fill out the Survey multiple times for multiple participants (wife, kids, ...)
For this I added a Textfield "Participant"
I would want to ensure the value entered in this field is unique.
I'm using LimeSurvey 1.92+

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A possible solution: Add an advanced option that enables a uniqueness check
Add an advanced option that enables a uniqueness check

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2012-11-30 14:37

partner   ~24406

The solution proposed by TMSWhite only applies to single questions in a survey while the reported idea is talking about multiple survey participation.

Generally, it is currently not possible to check data of other survey participantzs at survey runtime.

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