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Summary07578: Possibility of changing the word survey with other more relevant

Suppose you have a survey A and an application form B.
In A you want to use the word “survey” in all messagges and in B you want to use the word “application form” (and NOT “survey”), because B is not actually an investigation, but it is an application form.
Unfortunately, in the en.po file you must choose once and for all either to write the word “survey”, as is currently, or to write another word (for example, “application form”).
You cannot choose from time to time what word you want to use.

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A possible solution: A variable survey to replace the word "survey" in the en.po file
I thought that one way is to have a variable survey, instead of the word “survey”, in the en.po file (of course, the word “survey” is the default value).
That way, I can decide whether to assign a different value to the survey variable in the general settings of each specific survey. (Of course, this requires the addition of a new field in the general settings of the survey).

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