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07571Feature requestsStatisticspublic2012-05-09 17:14
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Summary07571: Add Question ID to results tables.

When browsing the responses the header of the column consists of the question text. This not only creates a huge row (which luckily is adapted by LS already), but the first few words of a question can be often very similiar, which makes it very difficult to find the right row.

It should be relatively easy to add a row above which contains the question code, which would make it a lot easier to identify the respective row.

Additionally, in the screen to limit de responses for the statistics, there is only shown the question text and not the question ID. With big surveys it would be so much easier to search via the question ID.

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A possible solution: Add question ID to the response table and the response filters screen
A. Add a row to the top of the response table with the question ID. Just above the question text should be fine. I think this is better than to include it in the same cell.

B. Add the question ID in front of the question text in 'limit responses' screen.

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