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Summary07561: Test Run for Testing the Email templates and the Survey by TEST_TOKEN

When we prepare email templates, we do not know how it will look like in the email reader of the respondent (webmail, outlook, etc.). We do not know how the survey "feels" when you get the invitation email and take the survey as a respondent.

To see how the emails will look like and how the survey will eventually look like we have to make fake tokens and make a fake run for the survey. After this, we have to delete fake tokens and create the actual token table. This process is time consuming and redundant.

See the forum discussion for this issue:

Additional Information

A possible solution: Testing the Email templates and the Survey with TEST_TOKEN
I suggest the "Test Run Function" which is very easily implementable.

  1. Include TEST_TOKEN in the system. Assessment and Data Export should have the radio button "Exclude Test Tokens" set to "checked" as default value.

  2. Include one text box under each email template (invitation, reminder, etc.) for writing email address(es) independent from token tables etc.

  3. Include one button right to the new text box captioned as "Test this email template."

That's all.

You prepare your email template and write one of your own email addresses to the new text box and click the new button.

Open your email readers and see how email templates (invitation, reminder, etc.) will look like in the inbox and see if there is a problem with certain email readers.

Click on the URL which has TEST_TOKEN.

If you wish, take the survey.

Moreover, if you wish, go to assessment and see your data by setting the new radio button to "Only Test Tokens."

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