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Summary07553: Simple transfer text from one language to another

When working with several languages (editing, building surveys) there should be an option to auto fill previous language into the selected language tab. I start by filling out language tab 1. When completed I move to language 2 tab. All fields are empty. A function to auto fill with strings from language 1 tab (the previous one) is most wanted.

When translating many text fields it is waste of time switching between the different tabs. In Norwegian (bokmål and nynorsk) There are only small differences as well and much of the strings are the same when translating.

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A possible solution: copy text strings
Function to copy strings from previous language tab.

In every language tab except the first one (main language) there should be an icon between Code and Subquestion to pick up the original text string from the main language. A bonus is an icon to run this string into Google translate and populate the translated string.

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2019-01-09 19:37

reporter   ~50138

can this be closed because Tools->Quick-Transation?



2019-01-09 20:03

updater   ~50139

No, I don't think this is a good solution. Suppose you have made a very long text question. In the structure menu only some part of the original question is shown. When translating this question into another language you have to switch back to the original question to remember what the text was. In some cases the translation is done by another person and the possibility to pick up the original string and do the translation work in the editor is much easier. By the way: is there a quick translate mode in LS3?

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